SHINAR (Heb. שִׁנְצָר), place-name referring to mesopotamia , the area once termed Sumer and Akkad. In Genesis 10:10 the name Shinar as a geographical name appears alongside the names of such ancient Mesopotamian sites as Babel (Akk. Bāb-ili), Erech (Akk. Uruk), and Akkad. So, too, the Septuagint transcription of the name (i.e., Σεννααρ) is replaced by the rendering "Babylonia" in, e.g., Isaiah 11:11 and Zechariah 5:11. Various attempts have been made to determine the etymology of Shinar, relating it, in some way, to the name Sumer (see sumer ). Whatever its ultimate etymology, the designation Shinar for Mesopotamia is paralleled in the el-Amarna letters (EA 35:49), where it appears as šanḥar, as well as in Egyptian records, where it is written sngr. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J.A. Knudtzon, Die El-Amarna Tafeln (1964), 1080. (Murray Lichtenstein)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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